Great Dane kennel
"Nassauer Land".

My fascination and love of the Great Dane started in my early childhood.

There was a great dane kennel where I lived, so I hade a first hand experience getting to know these gentle giants.

In 2009 we moved to a bigger house with a garden (1500 square meter), located in the suburbs of Bad Camberg.

As soon as our Son was old enough we started to look at bringing a Great Dane into our Family

2010 we got a new family member. Blue, 8 weeks old Alya Nonplusultra.

She grow into beautiful young lady, and we started our dog showing adventure,and became a members of Great Dane Club

We would like to share our love dedication and knowledge of this wonderful breed with you.

My husband Lars make our family complete.
He loves great danes as much as the rest of the family do

Our son Leon Jason is a huge dog lover and he already knows take care of them.

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ein tolles Zuhause

Wir haben Welpen

Unsere Youngster

Go to Win Giada

vom Nassauer Land

Unsere Deckrüden

Unser Import Deckrüde

Multi Ch. Mirage Armada

CH Azerbaijan

CH Moldavien

CH Caucasien

CH Georgien

HD A /ED 0

Herzschall o.B.

z.z. DCM frei

EUDDC Zuchtzulassung

Steht gesunden

Hündinnen bereit

Spermaversand möglich

Multi Ch.

Massimo Dell'Alto Feudo 

HD A / ED 0

Serbien Champion

Mazedonien Champion

Yugoslawien Champion

Rumänien Champion

Grand Champion Rumänien

Montenegro Champion

Grand Champion Montenegro

Kosovo Champion

Grand Champion Kosovo

Balkan Champion

Adriatic Champion

Mediterran Champion



2 x BIS 3

1 x BIS 1

European Minor Puppy Winner Best Puppy

5 x Best Baby

5x BOB Baby

3x Best Puppy

3x BIS Puppy

Multi Ch. Hündin

Alya Nonplusultra

HD A / HUS o.B.

jetzt 7 Jahre

Mutter unseres A und B und

G Wurfes vom Nassauer Land

VDH Champion

Deutscher Champion Schönheit

Internationaler Champion

Weltjugendsieger 2011

VDH Jugendchampion

DDC Jugendchampion

Luxemburgischer Jugendchampion

Vize EUDDC Jugendchampion

Uden Winner 2012

Limburg Winner 2012

Saarland Sieger 2012

Golden World Winner 2012

VDH Leipzig Sieger 2012

Alisha vom Nassauer Land

HD A / HUS o.B.


Baden Württemberg Jugendsieger



2x Luxemburg Jugendchampion

Chemnitz Jugendsieger

German Junior Winner

Multi Ch.

Kamilla vom Meißner Land

HD A / HUS o.B.

Belgien Clubwinner

DDC Champion

VDH Champion

Internationaler CH.

Luxemburg Ch.

VDH Frühjahrssieger

Clubsieger Belgien 2013/2016

Champion Caucasien

Champion Moldavien

Champion Azerbaijan

Champion Georgien

Luxemburg Juniorchampion

European Junior Winner

DDC Clubjugendsiegerin

Schweizer Jugendchampion


VDH Jugendchampion

DDC Jugendchampion
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